Prayer for Life:


O, Holy Mother of God, our hearts are filled with sorrow at the number of abortions across our land as these are sins committed against Our Heavenly Father.  We grieve for the unborn infants who will never know what it means to love and to be loved in this life, who will never experience a parentís embrace nor ever know the happiness of family life.  But above all, they will never be able to hand on to their children their hope and faith in a loving God.


We beg you this day to intercede with Jesus Christ, your Divine Son, to touch with His Grace, the souls of those who participate in these acts of abortion, so that they may come to an awareness of the erroneous thinking in their minds and of the shallowness, hardness and selfishness in their hearts.


Please plead with him not to hold the present deplorable situation against us as a nation, but rather to be patient with us and to give all of us an abundance of wisdom, generosity and courage to mend our ways and return to the sanity of genuine respect for life and the rights of others at all stages of life.


O Mary, we implore you to ask Our Divine Savior to find a special place in His Heart for these infants as he did for the Holy Innocents.  We come to you, Immaculate Mary, with complete confidence that you will answer our prayer.  Amen.


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